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LaFratta’s Locks: Week 6

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These spreads look so easy this week that they’re suspect, so proceed with caution.

Missouri vs. Florida

Mizzou always plays Florida close and showed that they can hang with Georgia. Since it seems that Mizzou is a team that plays to their competition, but somehow falls short. However, they won’t fall short be by double digits against the Gators.

I’m taking Mizzou +11.

Auburn vs. Georgia

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Georgia has looked TERRIBLE the last few weeks. Is there a problem in Athens? Maybe not, but you never know what to expect from this Auburn team. If Georgia plays the way that they’ve been playing, there’s no way that they beat Auburn by 28. 

I’m taking Auburn +28.

Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt

This Lane Kiffin offense is way too much for a Vanderbilt team to handle. Ole Miss can put up points, especially against depleted defenses. The talent level isn’t even close. I expect a blowout.

I’m taking Ole Miss -17. 

Kentucky vs. South Carolina

Kentucky is mad about that loss against Ole Miss last week, which they should’ve won. South Carolina is bad – very, very bad. Ritter hasn’t shown much promise and I don’t think that changes this week.

I’m taking Kentucky -5.

If you’re feeling frisky:

Arkansas vs Miss State

Arkansas got embarrassed last weekend against Alabama. Although the score seems closer than the game was, Jalen Milroe shook off the initial nerves and lit up the Arkansas defense after Bryce Young’s departure. Mississippi State is a good team, but Arkansas is coming back with vengeance. 

I’m taking Arkansas +9. 

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