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College Football Playoff: Who Helped and Who Hurt Tennessee This Weekend?

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The College Football Playoff Committee has always put an emphasis on a team’s strength of record, or how the teams they beat have fared. 

With Tennessee now having one loss, its strength of record is more important than ever. 

Here’s a look at how Tennessee’s major opponents did on Saturday. 


The Panthers blew out West Virginia 37-7 on Saturday. With the win, the Panthers move to 6-4. 

This Pitt team is not the team that many thought it would be at the beginning of the season. Looking back, Tennessee’s struggles against Pitt may be held against them.

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Pitt hosts Duke next week. 


The Gators took care of business against South Carolina on Saturday, winning 38-6. Florida moves to 6-4 on the season. 

Despite Tennessee fans wanting to root against Florida, any Florida win reflects well on the Volunteers. 

Tennessee will face South Carolina next week and should expect a win in Columbia. 

Florida travels to Nashville to face Vanderbilt next week. 

Dave Hooker and Caleb Calhoun breakdown Tennessee’s 66-24 win over Missouri


The Tigers drafted 13-10 Arkansas in a scrappy match on Saturday. With the win and Ole Miss’s loss, the Tiger clinched the SEC West. 

Having a win – especially a dominant win – over the SEC West champion is something that will definitely boost Tennessee’s playoff hopes. 

LSU will likely move up in the rankings as well following Oregon’s loss, further helping the Volunteer resume. 

LSU hosts UAB next week. 


The Crimson Tide beat Ole Miss 30-24 in Oxford on Saturday. Alabama will likely be second in the SEC West and move to 8-2 with the win. 

Again, Tennessee is able to boast wins over the No.1 and No. 2 teams in the SEC West. The SEC – especially the western half – is considered the toughest conference in football. 

Alabama’s win over a highly-ranked Ole Miss team boosts Tennessee’s resume even more. 

Alabama hosts Austin Peay next week. 


The Wildcats fell to Vanderbilt 24-21 on Saturday. Obviously, the loss is not a good look for Kentucky in any shape or fashion. 

Kentucky’s loss doesn’t help Tennessee’s resume in any way. Although the Wildcats were ranked at the time they faced Tennessee, it is hard to argue that the Kentucky win is a quality one following their performance Saturday. 

Kentucky hosts Georgia next week. 


To no one’s surprise, Georgia handled Mississippi State with ease on Saturday. The Bulldogs moved to 10-0 with the 45-19 win. 

Tennessee’s one loss couldn’t have come at the hands of a better team. Although the one loss will hurt them in the eyes of the committee, Tennessee has the best loss of any team. 

As long as Georgia remains on the path they’re going, it would be hard to put another one-loss team over Tennessee. 

Georgia travels to Lexington next week.

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