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College Football Playoff Committee Should “Keep It Simple, Stu…”

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Here’s a message for the College Football Playoff Committee: It’s okay to be boring. No, really. Give it a shot. Integrity is better than flashy.

My advise is simple: “Keep it simple.” As much as I like to poke fun at the weekly television shows that I say are akin to “Survivor”, it doesn’t have to be that way. Think it out CFP committee. You can do this.

There is no need to make vast changes in tonight’s third edition of made-for-television college football. Georgia still deserves to be the No. 1 team in the nation. Ohio State and Michigan should be No. 2 and No. 3. Feel free to swap them from last week if you want to “shake things up,” but it really doesn’t matter since they’ll play each other on Nov. 26.

Also, congrats on the Texas Christian call. I know you’re not supposed to be a bookie in Las Vegas, but you had TCU at No. 4 and they beat Texas in Austin to prove you right and hold onto that spot.

As for Tennessee, they still deserve to be No. 5. An extra touchdown in the final seconds against Missouri should have no effect on your placement of the Vols. They soundly beat the Tigers and have a better resume than any of the other teams I’m about to mention.

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Obviously, Oregon should drop after losing its second game of the season last week. The Ducks were treading water in your last selection show. They’re sunk now.

Things could get a little squirrelly after that, but that’s your fault. You put LSU ahead of Southern California even though the Tigers had two losses and the Trojans had just one. Well, USC took that to heart and tacked on some style points to look extra impressive against Colorado. LSU struggled to beat Arkansas who didn’t have quarterback K.J. Jefferson, which means the Razorbacks were far from full strength. So flip them if you would like.

Here is how I would have the teams ranked based on last week and you’re earlier rankings. Feel free to copy and paste:

No.1 – Georgia

There’s no reason not to have the undefeated Bulldogs atop the rankings. This is, by far, the most simple call of the rankings.

No. 2 – Ohio State

Again, no need to shake things up. However, I bet you’ll flip flop the Buckeyes and Wolverines just for fun.

No. 3 – Michigan

Boring, yes. Pragmatic, absolutely. I still think you’ll move Michigan up, but I don’t necessarily think you should.

No. 4 – TCU

If the Horned Frogs play their way out, then so be it. For now, TCU deserves to be No. 4

No. 5 – Tennessee

The Vols are the best one-loss team in the country and they might be better than that. Let’s let things play out.

No. 6 – Southern California

The Trojans should have been above LSU all along. Look for the Tigers to drop in at No. 7.

See, that wasn’t that hard. Just make some rational decisions. However, rational decisions don’t spike television ratings and get people talking so something tells me that the simple, most fundamentally-sound way won’t be what we see tonight.

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