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Tennessee football enrollees begin classes, Florida Gators NIL fiasco

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Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker continued their coverage of just how embarrassing the Florida Gators’ NIL situation is. NIL was a topic of conversation throughout the show, and its impact on Tennessee football also warranted discussion. Also, with the Vols’ early enrollees beginning classes, they look at certain freshmen and transfers.

What does Florida NIL disaster mean going forward?

The show starts off with more discussion about what happened with the Gators and the Jaden Rashada incident and what it means about the way the program is being run. How bad of a look is this for Billy Napier, and would the same issues have occurred if Jeremy Foley were still athletic director?

Also, how much further ahead of Florida is the UT administration now given this issue? Danny White has been thinking outside the box for a while now, and with Florida falling behind on the facilities and NIL front, the Vols may be poised to flip the script in the rivalry.

Which Tennessee football early enrollees play next year?

There were 20 members of the 2023 Tennessee football recruiting class and four new transfers who began spring classes Monday at UT. The show analyzes some of the most high-profile players in that group and which ones are most likely to start, sit or transfer out at the end of the year.

Who has the most punchable face in the SEC?

Billy Napier, Hugh Freeze, Shane Beamer and Eli Drinkwitz were all named between Calhoun, Hooker and the commenters over who the most insufferable Southeastern Conference head coach is. The podcast breaks down which coach in the league is the most insufferable.

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Edgar Thompson on Jaden Rashada backing out of Florida

Orlando Sentinel reporter Edgar Thompson discusses everything that went into Jaden Rashada backing out of his commitment to the Gators because the NIL money promised to him wasn’t there. Thompson breaks down the NIL collectives themselves and who is responsible for them.

Is Billy Napier the next version of a failed Tennessee football coach?

Given the NIL issues facing the Gators right now and all the ways Florida embarrassed itself, there’s a debate as to whether or not Billy Napier is more like Jeremy Pruitt or Derek Dooley. Both are former Nick Saban assistants, just like Napier, and the latter two failed as head coaches at UT.

NIL impact on college football going forward

Because of the way Tennessee football appears way ahead of Florida in NIL initiatives, the show ends with a discussion as to how the collective is starting to change college football already. Money, players staying and embarrassments like the Florida fiasco are all topics of conversation.

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