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Tennessee football: Comparing Josh Heupel to other $9 million coaches; Competence of SEC athletic directors

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One day after Tennessee football gave head coach Josh Heupel a pay raise, the Vols gave Athletics Director Danny White an extension. Caleb Calhoun dive into the importance of both of them on Off The Hook’s Thursday, Jan. 26, podcast while also looking at the transfer portal, comparing the legacies of two great coaches and analyzing the incompetence of another SEC program.

How Josh Heupel’s contract reset the coaching market

As written in a column on Off The Hook Sports Wednesday, the key number in Josh Heupel’s contract is his buyout. He’ll owe the school $8 million if he leaves Tennessee football before Dec. 15 of this year and $6 million if he leaves before Dec. 15 of next year. How does a contract like that combined with his significant pay raise of $5 million to $9 million annually after just his second year reset the coaching market?

Who does Tennessee football need more: Josh Heupel or Danny White?

Danny White’s pay increase was not quite as substantial as Heupel’s but it went up to $2.2 million. Another column on Off The Hook Sports Wednesday said he’s of greater value to the Vols than Heupel. Who brings more to the table? Which position is more important to make sure the football program stays at a high level?

Can Tennessee football land Ole Miss transfer Davison Igbinosun?

Caleb Jarreau wrote a column on Off The Hook Sports Wednesday about Ole Miss Rebels transfer cornerback Davison Igbonisun. Although they may be a long shot, Tennessee football has recruited him in the past, and he would bring immediate value to the program if he committed as a Freshman All-American in 2022. Could he end up with the Vols?

How does Josh Heupel compare to other $9 million coaches?

With his new salary, Tennessee football Josh Heupel is fifth among SEC coaches and in the top 10 nationally in terms of pay. Long-term compared to other coaches, will he be better, worse, or does he still need to prove it? What is the criteria when comparing him to other coaches too?

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Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier?

Although Nick Saban has clearly had more success than Steve Spurrier over all given his time with both the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide, who had a more dominant run specifically in the SEC? Spurrier won five SEC championships in seven years, including four straight. It would have been six if his first team wasn’t on probation, and he won six overall in 12 years, what should’ve been seven. Saban has won 10 SEC titles in 21 years.

How incompetent is LSU?

According to Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, LSU accidentally overpaid football head coach Brian Kelly $1 million last year. How incompetent is their administration? Is it worse than Florida? Does that benefit the Vols, who have a very successful administration behind Josh Heupel, long-term?

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