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Friday mailbag: Tennessee football loss of production, basketball struggles

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The first full week in February isn’t always eventful for Tennessee football. However, it certainly was this week.

Not only did the Vols make changes to their coaching staff, but the SEC suddenly moved forward with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma, who will enter the conference in 2024 when it looked like their move from the Big 12 would be held off until 2025.

There’s also Tennessee basketball. That hasn’t been great. Both the men and women have stumbled along over their past few games. The men could be fixable if they can start shooting the ball better from the three-point line. However, there is a strong concern about Lady Vol head coach Kelly Harper, her job security and the direction of the program.

Here are some responses on our YouTube channel, which is chock full of Tennessee athletic commentary. Click here for more https://www.youtube.com/offthehooksports. Subscribe to get the latest on the Vols.

Moving on from 2022 and the loss of a massive amount of production, especially on offense, from Tennessee football:


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They did it this season without (receiver) Cedric Tillman for most of the season. Maybe it’s time to start realizing it isn’t necessarily the guys, but it is the scheme..

DH: “I completely agree. No offense to former Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker or any of those that have completed their eligibility, but Tennessee’s offense is scheme first and players second. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can have success lining up under offensive guru Josh Heupel, but there are plenty that can.”

On the Lady Vols and Kelly Harper’s job security:


It’s time she go… She can’t coach! But more importantly, she can’t RECRUIT! That’s the main issue imo…

DH: “I’m not ready to go there just yet. However, Harper could use a strong run in the NCAA Tournament. Without that, I’m hearing chirping that boosters are getting in line to make a change and buy Harper out of her contract.”

On the Lady Vols ever hiring a man to be their head basketball coach:


No way a man will coach Lady Vols Basketball

DH: “This is befuddling to me. By ruling out a man or woman for any position, you cut the talent pool in half. Would the Lady Vols and, more importantly athletic director Danny White, pass on a better male candidate just because of their gender? I think not.”

Would there be some in the Lady Vol fan base that would be against it? Probably so.

On the men’s recent struggles in basketball:

@tdvols  • 7 days ago

This team isn’t going very far in the tournament!! They will probably win some big games but eventually they will self destruct!! How can they shoot so badly? 

@okj1906  • 6 days ago

Is this the Sky Is Falling show? The passionate review to criticize the Vols.  I guess this is what Kansas and UNC felt last year when EVERYONE counted them out for losses in their run to the National Championship game last year.

DH: “At this point, I don’t think Tennessee will go far in the NCAA Tournament. However, college basketball is a tournament sport so the Vols’ recent stumbles could be easily forgotten with a strong tournament run. Do I think that will happen based on average guard play and an inefficient offense? No, but I’ve seen stranger things happen in college basketball.”

On Tennessee football potentially recruiting Lane Kiffin’s son, Marshall, who is 14-years-old and beginning to receive college interest:


The Vols ain’t interested in Lane Kiffin’s dog let alone his kid

DH: “I can’t say I’m surprised by this response. Peyton Manning’s son, Marshall Manning, may be a better option.”

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