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Tennessee football: Trey Smith wins Super Bowl; Basketball issues persist; Eric Cain joins

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The Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl was relevant enough for Tennessee football to lead Off The Hook Sports’ podcast for Monday, Feb. 13. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker discuss a former Vol on the team winning it and how the questionable call at the end relates to questionable calls that have affected UT in the past. There is also some basketball talk, and Eric Cain of ON3 joins.

What questionable calls have affected Tennessee football?

Sunday’s matchup was somewhat marred by a questionable holding call against the Philadelphia Eagles late. What is the most questionable call to ever affect Tennessee football like that? Do officials get caught up in the moment when refereeing a Kentucky basketball game at Rupp Arena or Alabama football game at Bryant-Denny Stadium?

Eric Cain joins podcast to talk Tennessee football, basketball, baseball

Discussing all major UT sports, Eric Cain of ON3’s VolQuest and Locked On Vols came onto the podcast. Cain broke down the future of football recruiting on Rocky Top, how concerning the basketball program’s struggles are and whether or not the baseball program needs to tone down its brashness.

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How much trouble is men’s basketball in?

Last week, Tennessee basketball lost two games off last-second three-pointers, to the Vanderbilt Commodores and Missouri Tigers. How much trouble are the Vols in? Can they right the ship before the NCAA Tournament? Is it possible Saturday’s loss was actually an encouraging sign given the fact that Rick Barnes’ team was able to hang offensively with Mizzou?

Greatest Super Bowl performances by former Vols

Trey Smith had a superb game in Sunday’s Super Bowl, helping the Chiefs average over six yards a carry and not allowing Patrick Mahomes to get sacked. Which former Tennessee football players had the best Super Bowl performances of all time? Peyton Manning, Reggie White, Alvin Harper and Willie Gault all come up.

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