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Tennessee basketball beats No. 1 Alabama; best and worst case scenarios for 2023 football Vols; Josh Ward joins

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A big night for Tennessee basketball, scoring its sixth win of all time over a No. 1 team, naturally led the podcast for Off The Hook Sports on Thursday, Feb. 16. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker also talked about what to expect from Tennessee football in 2023. Josh Ward joined to discuss the Vols as well.

Tennessee basketball beats the Crimson Tide 68-59

Reeling from a two-game losing streak and having lost three of four, Tennessee basketball finally got back on the right track Wednesday night with a victory over the No. 1 ranked team in the nation? How significant was this game for the Vols? Does it change anything going forward? This article on Off The Hook Sports says it doesn’t.

What is the Vols most memorable No. 1 win?

Wednesday marked the sixth win over a No. 1 team all time for Tennessee basketball. They have done it three times in football if you count, ironically, Alabama this past year. The Vols beat them when they were No. 1 in the Coaches Poll. What is their most memorable win over a No. 1 team?

Josh Ward discusses Tennessee basketball

The Sports Animal’s Josh Ward, who wrote a recap of the Vols’ win over Alabama for Off The Hook Sports Wednesday, joined the podcast to discuss the state of Tennessee basketball Thursday after such a crucial game. Can this formula take the Vols far in March?

Hendon Hooker’s intangibles; Tennessee football’s culture with Josh Ward

In addition to the Vols’ win over Alabama, Ward discussed how Hendon Hooker’s intangibles can help him for the NFL Draft, and he also broke down the culture of Tennessee football in general with Josh Heupel at the helm. Will that serve them well this year?

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What is the best and worst case scenario for Tennessee football?

Based on the SP+ rankings, where Tennessee football came in at No. 6, the Vols’ best-case scenario for 2023 is 11-1, according to Bill Connelly of ESPN. Their worst case scenario is 7-5. Which is more likely to happen? What is their most surefire win and surefire loss? Could they reach the College Football Playoff?

Most salacious SEC coaching sex scandal

What is the most salacious SEC coaching sex scandal ever? Is it Hugh Freeze with the Ole Miss Rebels, Bobby Petrino with the Arkansas Razorbacks, Mike Price with the Alabama Crimson Tide or another one? Which of the scandals was the most ridiculous?

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