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NCAA rules changes and their effect on Tennessee football; Should basketball Vols implement load management?

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Proposed updates to speed up the college game Monday made for a good bit of news surrounding Tennessee football Tuesday. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker also discussed if the basketball Vols should implement load management. Off The Hook’s Tuesday, Feb. 21 show ended with a former Vol securing another NFL job and a controversial quote by a current college football coach.

How would proposed NCAA rules changes impact Tennessee football?

On Monday, new suggested rules changes to speed up the college football game included banning consecutive timeouts, the clock running after the ball is spotted on incomplete passes, not stopping the clock to spot the ball on first downs except in the last two minutes of each half and no dead ball plays at the end of the first and third quarter. What does this all mean?

An article on Off The Hook Sports suggests Tennessee football would benefit if these rules went into effect. How true is that? Which rules changes would be the best for the sport? Are there any other rules changes the sport should adopt, at the college or NFL level, to make it better long-term?

Should Tennessee basketball implement load management?

With no SEC regular season championship on the table, the NCAA Tournament already secured and the SEC Tournament being meaningless, could the Vols find an advantage by applying load management? Given the fact that their offense has been figured out, this may be Rick Barnes’ best play.

Former Tennessee football QB Jim Bob Cooter named Colts OC

A backup quarterback for the Vols in the mid-2000s, Jim Bob Cooter, has been named offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. He held the same role for the Detroit Lions in the mid to late 2010s. Is there a chance he could ever become a head coach in the NFL? What would hold him back?

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Deion Sanders prefers QBs, OL from two-parent homes

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders made headlines last week when he said he prefers quarterbacks from two-parent households. He said in January he prefers the same for offensive linemen. Some of the most beloved Tennessee football players at each position did not come from such households, though. How unfair is this?

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