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2024 Bodie Kahoun calls Tennessee ‘one or two’ after his Vols’ visit

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Class of 2024 linebacker Bodie Kahoun said Tennessee is “hard to beat after what they showed me” following his visit this past weekend. 

The prospect from Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke, Va., was impressed with the facilities Tennessee has when compared to some ACC schools he has been able to visit. 

“The difference from ACC to SEC, It’s a crazy difference with the facilities and locker rooms,” Kahoun told Off The Hook Sports. 

Graduate assistant Rob Caprice stayed with Kahoun during his entire visit, something that stood out to the prospect. After most people left, Caprice and others on Tennessee’s defensive staff stayed to talk with Kahoun. 

“He was very helpful and informational the whole time,” Kahoun said of Caprice. “I got to hang out with the defensive staff for a little.”

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The staff was able to tell Kahoun about what they are building at Tennessee. 

“How they are building it and it’s only the beginning of the process,” Kahoun said of his conversation with the coaching staff. “I think the program and the future of the team is only going to get better.”

Kahoun, who is committed to Ohio State for lacrosse, has been mulling over his future plans. He was recently extended scholarship offers from Tennessee, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Indiana and Liberty. 

If Kahoun ends up choosing football, Tennessee will be the school to beat. 

 “Just them saying they want me; just hearing that is awesome,” Kahoun said. “Honestly, Tennessee topped off everything.”

Kahoun has already planned his next visit to Tennessee. He will be at spring practice on April 11. 

Academics are something Kahoun values in choosing his school. He said Tennessee’s academics and support stand out to him. 

“They showed all that I needed to see,” he said “I look forward to return there and talk more with the coaches on the future.”

He also hopes to learn more about what his role would be for Tennessee if he were to become a Vol. The coaching staff sees him as a middle linebacker, and Kahoun hopes to impact defense and special teams in college. 

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parson is a player that Kahoun models his play after. 

Kahoun is set to have a busy spring. He will be visiting Virginia on March 14, Penn State on March 17, Notre Dame on March 22, Duke on March 24, South Carolina on March 25, West Virginia on March 28 and Utah on April 15. 

It is likely that Kahoun will make his college decision soon after his slew of visits, but Tennessee looks to be the school to beat right now. 

“I would say (Tennessee is) my one or two,” Kahoun said. 

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