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Tennessee Football: What to Expect From Jacob Warren at SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days is just under a week away. Tennessee football has announced its representatives, and they shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Tight end Jacob Warren as well as quarterback Joe Milton and defensive lineman Omari Thomas will represent the Vols in Nashville.

Looking at Warren, let’s dive into why he earned a trip to Nashville as well as what we can expect him to be asked.

Why Warren will be at SEC Media Days

Warren was a full-time starter for the Vols in 2022. In his final year of eligibility, Warren got the nod to head to SEC Media Days.

The move makes sense. Warren is a natural leader for Tennessee, as Caleb Calhoun wrote. To add, Warren is a Knoxville native. The 6-foot-6 and 252-pounder was a standout at Farragut High School.

Why Warren Matters

Warren has been a staple in Tennessee’s offense. Going into a season with limited tight ends on the roster, Warren’s role on the field is even more important.

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Added in new tight ends coach Alec Abeln, Warren going to SEC Media Days makes even more sense. It’s also safe to assume Warren may see his production increase in 2023. He scored zero touchdowns in 2022 on 12 receptions.

The last time Warren had zero touchdowns, he only had one catch for one yard in his freshman season. In his career, Warren has 37 catches for 416 yards and four touchdowns.

What will Warren be asked

How hard does Joe Milton throw? How hard it is to catch a ball from Joe Milton? Should Joe Milton play baseball?

Will you get a touchdown this season?

Realistically, Warren needs to be asked about the chemistry difference from Hooker to Milton. How big is the learning curve? Will the offense run OK with Milton? Warren will be asked, and we will find out.

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