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Tennessee Football: Jacob Warren Excited for SEC Media Days

Most student-athletes, and people in general, dislike answering questions or being hounded by media members. For Tennessee Football tight end Jacob Warren, this isn’t a problem.

Warren, along with Omari Thomas and Joe Milton, will be representing Tennessee at SEC Media Days next week.

“(I’m) someone that enjoys talking to media and enjoys talking about myself and about my team and my friends,” Warren said on The Vol Report. “Definitely a great opportunity and I am representing Tennessee. Right, I’m representing my team. You know my friends representing my family, you know personally representing myself and my future, but also representing just Tennessee in general. So it’s definitely an honor.”

Media days, also known as the unofficial kickoff to football season, was something that Warren always wanted to go and attend. The Knoxville native out of Farragut High School didn’t get to attend SEC Media Days last year.

This year, with media days in his home state, Warren will be representing the Vols.

“The fact that I’m blessed and able to do it this year is definitely a big accomplishment kind of shows, just what I mean to the university, what I mean to this team,” Warren said. “So, it’s definitely something I’ve been aware of
for the past few years, as I’ve been more aware of just how media works and the honor that it is to go to it.”

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Going into media days, Warren is aware of the storylines surrounding the Vols. He knows what he will be asked, and how he should respond.

“I’m completely aware that going into this they’re probably going to ask me about quarterbacks,” Warren said. “They’re going to ask me about defense, they’re probably going to ask me about new tight ends. So these are things that I’ve fully prepared to speak about and give my true honest two cents on, but obviously never going to bash my teammates, never going to bash another team, because that’s how you can put on a poster pretty quick about that too.”

Aside from answering questions and representing Tennessee, Warren looks to forward to the networking opportunities that SEC Media Days. With whatever happens in Nashville, Warren couldn’t hide his excitement about the chance to attend.

“I’m definitely super excited to see all the different questions,” Warren said. “All the different people meet a bunch of people. I think that’s going to be a big opportunity to just meeting people right and kind of get my face and my name out there in front of a lot of different platforms and different lot of people’s shows and indifferent now, whatever it is, and so it is very exciting, very good opportunity.”

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