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KJ Jefferson Calls Tennessee Football QB Joe Milton ‘Perfect’ For Tennessee Offense

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee football quarterback Joe Milton has received a lot of praise at SEC Media Days. That trend continued on Wednesday.

Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson doesn’t know Milton personally, but he has watched the Vol’s tape.

“I watched highlights of him, different games that he has played in,” Jefferson said. “Very strong arm, talented. Very intelligent as well. I really admire his game. I mean, I like the way he plays the game at the quarterback position.”

Milton is in line to start for the Vols in 2023, filling the big shoes left by Hendon Hooker. Many questions surround if Milton can have the same success as Hooker, who was a Heisman finalist until he went down with a torn ACL.

In Jefferson’s eyes, Milton is “perfect” for Josh Heupel and his offense.

“He’s very talented, arm strength, very intelligent, I love to watch his game,” Jefferson said. “What they’re doing over there at Tennessee feeds his skillset, being able to stretch the ball down the field and make throws here and there. I mean that’s the perfect skillset for that team and for them. I like watching his tape.”

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Milton is known for his arm strength, throwing an orange before the Orange Bowl and easily flicking a football almost 70 yards. Has Jefferson seen an arm quite like Milton’s?

“I haven’t,” Jefferson said. “It’s actually unbelievable to see how far he can throw a ball.”

As Milton takes over for Tennessee, an offense that sat among the top in college football a season ago. Jefferson, on the other hand, is one of the top returners in the SEC and only returners.

Milton is one of just four quarterbacks to make the trip to SEC Media Days. He joins Jefferson, Mississippi’s State’s Will Rogers and LSU’s Jayden Daniels.

Jefferson, on Wednesday, talked about what it takes to be a quarterback in the SEC. For the most part, Jefferson talked about how different skillsets setup teams for success.

“Everybody brings a different skillset to the table,” Jefferson said. “Whatever that skillset might be for that team to help that team, that skillset is totally different from another quarterback’s skillset.”

Jefferson has his goals set high, with his skillset and goal being for Arkansas to succeed no matter what it costs for him.

“I would just say, for me, my main thing is just going out there and sacrificing each and everything I can to make sure my team can come out victorious and I’m putting them in the best position to win,” Jefferson said. “And the state of Arkansas is well aware that we’re all in for each other.”

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