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Is Tennessee Football underrated on defense? Do Vols have a ceiling with Josh Heupel’s offense? Conference realignment, NIL news

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Questions surround Tennessee Football as the Vols head into the first weekend with fall camp underway for 2023. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker break down the offense and defense on Off the Hook Sports’ Friday, Aug. 4 podcast, while discussing conference realignment and NIL. Fred White joines.

Is the Tennessee Football defense underrated?

Last year’s loss at the South Carolina Gamecocks notwithstanding, Tennessee Football was much better on defense than the raw numbers indicated. The Vols were a top 15 in points allowed per play and in the top 50 in yards allowed per play. Could the defense actually be good?

Does Tennessee Football offense have a ceiling?

Is Josh Heupel’s offense a gimmick? That’s a longstanding question, and the only way to answer it is to see what he does with more talent. The argument to this point is that it will run into a wall when facing a team like the Georgia Bulldogs, but could better players solve that issue?

Fred White talks Vols

Former Tennessee Football defensive back Fred White, who won a national championship with the Vols in 1998, joins the show to talk the first week of fall camp and his expectations for the program in 2023. White also looks back on the success UT had when he was with the program.

Conference realignment news for SEC, Big Ten

According to Yahoo, the Big Ten is in talks to add the Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies at a discount. Meanwhile, the Florida State Seminoles and Clemson Tigers seem to really want to get into the SEC. Should the league go ahead and make the move, accepting them at a discount?

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Is poaching an issue with NIL?

Bruce Feldman recently told a story that a player at an SEC school was poached solely based on a better NIL offer. Technically, this shouldn’t be allowed, but is it really a big deal? Shouldn’t players have the right to do that given the fact that coaches use contract negotiations as leverage all the time?

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