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Tennessee Football Coaches Poll ranking; Why SEC must act in realignment; Vols CBs best years ever

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The first official poll is out, and the college football preseason is realer than ever. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker discuss the Tennessee Football ranking on Off the Hook Sports’ Tuesday, Aug. 8 podcast, along with the best years ever by Vols cornerbacks, Joe Milton III and UT offensive linemen. Also, why must the SEC act in conference realignment?

Preseason Coaches Poll has Tennessee Football at No. 10

For just the second time in 18 years, the third time in 20 years and the first time since 2016, Tennessee Football is in the top 10 of the preseason Coaches Poll. UT came in right at No. 10. However, was it right for the Clemson Tigers and Florida State Seminioles to be ahead of the Vols?

What will the Tennessee Football OL rotation look like?

This year, UT has to replace Darnell Wright at right tackle. Jeremiah Crawford has moved over there, meaning they also have a void at left tackle, and they have to replace Jerome Carvin at left guard. What is the rotation looking like right now, and what does it need to be opening week?

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Does the SEC need to act in realignment?

As of right now, the SEC is staying put as realignment moves around. It does have the best product, but it doesn’t have the best payout. What must the SEC do to make sure it doesn’t fall too far behind given how much better the Big Ten’s TV deal is and how much better the payout will be with the addition of two premiere Pac-12 programs?

Joe Milton III No. 20 in ranking of Power Five QBs

With questions about his accuracy abound, Tennessee Football signal-caller Joe Milton III came in at No. 20 in a 247Sports ranking of Power Five quarterbacks. Is that too low, or does he actually need to prove his worth on the field in order to keep his job? Where are the concerns coming from?

Greatest single seasons ever by Tennessee Football CBs

Cornerback play has never been the strongest for Tennessee Football, but the Vols have still produced some elite ones. What are the 10 greatest years ever by Vols cornerbacks? To be clear, this is based on what they did playing cornerback specifically, not as return specialists and not as safeties.

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