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Tennessee Football first day in pads; Vols DL rotation; Conference realignment

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Fall camp hit another milestone Tuesday, as Tennessee Football held its first football practice in pads. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker discuss that and the Vols defensive line on Off the Hook Sports’ Wednesday, Aug. 9 podcast. They also debate traditions, fighting in practice and realignment before diving into another Smokey Hot Take.

Tennessee Football holds first practice in pads

On Tuesday, Tennessee Football took to the practice field for the first time in pads during fall camp. Up to this point, what are the biggest takeaways from the Vols’ preseason? Are there any unexpected concerns or pleasant surprises surrounding Rocky Top, or has it all gone as expected to this point?

DL rotation for Tennessee Football

Rodney Garner spoke to the media along with a plethora of Tennessee Football defensive linemen Tuesday. What should the rotation look like? How many people will Garner and Tim Banks use when the Vols take the field in less than four weeks for their opener against the Virginia Cavaliers.

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Traditions that would be devastating for Vols to lose

The Auburn Tigers will finally be able to roll the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner this year once again, more than a decade after Harvey Updyke poisoned the original trees. Which traditions that Tennessee Football fans cherish would be the most devastating for them to lose?

Is fighting good in practice?

Earlier this week, the LSU Tigers reportedly had a fight break out in practice. Obviously, preparations are naturally intense, but is fighting a sign of trouble within the program or a sign of the competitive nature of the players? Should people expect fighting when it comes to teams with talent?

Conference realignment: Good or bad?

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey expressed disappointment that the Pac-12 is folding. While the inevitability of college football is one mega conference in the future, is the changing landscape good or bad for the sport long-term? Should fans celebrate the NFL model that is coming?

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Best years ever by Tennessee Football safeties

Cornerback hasn’t been the strongest position for Tennessee Football in the past, but that’s not the same at safety. Some of UT’s best players ever occupied that role. What are the 10 greatest single seasons in history by Vols safeties? Who had the best year of all time?

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