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Tennessee Football: How Vols should use bye; Big Ten embarrasses SEC

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The weekend is here, and while Tennessee Football doesn’t have a game, the Vols do get much-needed rest. Caleb Calhoun is joined by Josh Ward in the first segment of Off the Hook Sports’ Friday, Oct. 6 segment to discuss the bye and UT’s offensive line. Kamal Hadden and Checkering Neyland are also topics of conversation on the show, as are the SEC, Big Ten and NCAA.

How should Tennessee Football use bye?

Josh Heupel and Tennessee Football got their bye week at the perfect time, as they need to find a replacement for Bru McCoy and also spend time getting Cooper Mays healthy. What are the five moste important things the Vols need to focus on in order to take advantage of not playing this week?

Is Tennessee Football OL equipped to handle upcoming DL?

Despite having one of the best rush offenses in the nation, Tennessee Football has played one decent defensive line, the Florida Gators, and they couldn’t run the ball at all in the first half. Now, Mays missed that game, and now he’s back, but is UT equipped to handle the Texas A&M Aggies and Alabama Crimson Tide up front?

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How should Tennessee Football stay trendy?

It’s been revealed that Tennessee Football will checker Neyland Stadium when they face the Texas A&M Aggies. That follows the Vols donning their Dark-Mode uniforms against the South Carolina Gamecocks and their Smokey Grey uniforms against the Austin Peay Governors. Are they staying ahead of the curve?

Kamal Hadden among highest graded DBs

Despite all the criticism he’s received this year for his talking, Tennessee Football defensive back Kamal Hadden is one of the best defensive backs in the nation based on numbers. His coverage grade is top 10 in the nation, and he’s allowed just 10 catches for 64 yards on the year to this point. That’s impressive.

Big Ten embarrasses SEC

Despite having 18 teams next year compared to the SEC’s 16 and adding those teams one and two years after the SEC initiated plans for its most recent round of additions, the Big Ten has set its football schedule through the 2028 season. Meanwhile, the SEC has nothing beyond 2024. Is the Big Ten just more competent?

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Is NCAA trying to stay relevant?

The NCAA reversed course on North Carolina Tar Heels wide receiver Tez Walker Thursday. Walker will now be allowed to play after the transfer was denied an eligibility waiver back in August. What is up with the inconsistencies of the institution at this point? Is it just finding ways to stay relevant given the landscape of the sport?

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