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Tennessee Football at Kentucky: Five best prop bets

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After last week’s loss at the Alabama Crimson Tide, Tennessee Football has become one of the more unpredictable teams in the nation. Exactly what is their offensive identity? Nobody knows, so we’re going in a bit blind on prop bets this week when they face the Kentucky Wildcats. Here are the best choices.

Joe Milton III over 1.5 passing TDs

It seems like Joe Milton III found a groove last weekend after using his legs, and even at his worst, he’s been good for at least one touchdown pass a game. Kentucky, meanwhile, has a terrible pass defense, so it’s hard to see Milton not throwing for at least two touchdown passes, as he did last week at Alabama.

Ray Davis under 87.5 rushing yards

Although he’s an All-American and coming off a bye, the Vols’ defensive line is angry. They were beat up and pushed around last week, and they’re looking to return and make a statement. As a result, Omari Thomas, Aaron Beasley and the entire front seven will sell out to make sure Ray Davis doesn’t have his usual game.

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Jaylen Wright under 57.5 rushing yards

While Davis won’t dominate on the ground, Tennessee Football will also struggle in the run game. Kentucky has incredible talent on the defensive line, one that rivals Alabama, and a great defensive head coach in Mark Stoops. Given how UT struggled at Bama last week up front, Jaylen Wright will struggle again.

Squirrel White over 63.5 receiving yards

Given the issues with Kentucky’s secondary, you have to think the Vols will have one receiver go off. All the evidence points to Squirrel White being that guy. Although Chas Nimrod is the guy who needs to dictate coverage as the new go-to wideout in place of Bru McCoy, White is the playmaker, and he should have plenty of chances in this one.

Devin Leary over 204.5 passing yards

With Kamal Hadden out now, this is a shocking line. Tennessee Football may still have a good secondary, but Devin Leary is a very good quarterback, so him barely going over 200 yards doesn’t seem likely. If he fails to do so, then the depth of the Vols in the secondary is more shockingly good than we thought.

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