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Tennessee Football: Five Vols to watch for vs. UConn

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In the midst of a grueling SEC schedule, Tennessee Football would seem to get a much-needed break with the 1-7 UConn Huskies. However, the Vols struggled with the Austin Peay Governors early in the season. Here are the five players who need to step up for UT in order to make sure that doesn’t happen in this game.

5. Chas Nimrod

With Bru McCoy out, Tennessee Football seems to have finally found its replacement in Chas Nimrod, who had a key touchdown last week. UConn doesn’t have the size on the outside to hang with true wideouts here, so the Vols should have a clear mismatch with Nimrod. Josh Heupel and the offense need to target him a lot.

4. Joe Milton III

Obviously, if UT needs to target Nimrod, they need a quarterback to get him the ball. Joe Milton III finally showed his true potential last week in the Vols’ win at the Kentucky Wildcats. The goal in this one is to get him out early and put Nico Iamaleava in to get him some reps, but that’s only possible if Milton is able to put the game away in the first half.

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3. Wesley Walker

UConn has been in every game because of how Jim Mora Jr.’s west coast offense slows down the pace and controls the clock. Defensive backs have to take the receivers out of the game and knock them off their routes. Wesley Walker will be key to do that, as he’ll have to cheat up playing safety. Tennessee Football will likely send him on some blitzes too.

2. Elijah Herring

With this west coast offense, UConn spreads the field, similar to Josh Heupel, and then tries to gash you on run plays. Elijah Herring will be crucial when it comes to that, as he’s got to stay in position. On top of those runs, Herring will be the key player on quick passes over the middle. If he’s not in the right spot, UConn could nickel and dime the Vols’ defense.

1. Jaylen Wright

Over the past two weeks, the Huskies have gotten torched on the ground. With the way they play, they force you to work the clock and the field. That means workhorse backs have to be the standout players, and such a situation is perfect for Tennessee Football running back Jaylen Wright, who is quickly becoming a superstar.

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