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Tennessee Football: Five Vols to watch for vs. Georgia

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Obviously, a lot of luck will be needed for Tennessee Football to beat the Georgia Bulldogs. The Vols have to hope UGA has an off-day and that they play their best game of the year. However, with the game being at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tenn., they should have a chance. Here are the five key UT players in the game.

5. Chas Nimrod

Last year, Cedric Tillman wasn’t able to get separation to dictate coverage. Bru McCoy and Dont’e Thornton are done for the year, so the Vols’ only hope now to do that is Chas Nimrod or Kaleb Webb. Nimrod has been better so far. Can he get any type of separation on the outside? That’s what will be necessary to open up the passing game for Squirrel White and Ramel Keyton.

4. Dylan Sampson

This screams for Dylan Sampson to have his breakout game. Jaylen Wright was awful last week and is banged up. Jabari Small is a solid back but not a game breaker. All year, we have been waiting for Sampson to explode onto the scene. Why not do it now, when you’re facing the No. 1 team in the nation at home?

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3. James Pearce Jr.

Georgia’s offense is highly efficient even if it’s not deadly. Still, Carson Beck is young, and Mike Bobo isn’t a great coach. Taking those two things into account, making life uncomfortable for Beck is crucial for Tennessee Football. That means getting lots of pressure around the edge. James Pearce Jr. has been doing that all season in a breakout year. This is where he can put an exclamation point on his arrival.

2. Jaylen McCollough

Assuming the Vols do get pressure, they have another extremely tough task ahead, which is forcing turnovers. That’s where Jaylen McCollough comes in. Without Kamal Hadden, McCollough is the Vols’ best option to get an interception or two. If Pearce and Tyler Baron can bring pressure, that should force some bad throws by Beck. McCollough as the anchor of the secondary is the next key.

1. Joe Milton III

The SEC East is not a possibility. Joe Milton III has no more years of eligibility left after this one. This is it. Here is his final chance to make a historic impact for Tennessee Football. Him being the most important player in the game needs no explanation. If he goes out and balls, and if the Vols win because of that, he’ll help his draft stock and immediately shoot up how positively he’s remembered.

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