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Tennessee Vols NCAA NIL probe: A full breakdown; UT Basketball loses

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Jimmy Hyams joins Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker on Off the Hook Sports’ Wednesday, Jan. 31 podcast to break down the full investigation into the Tennessee Vols by the NCAA over possible NIL violations, including the school’s response. UT Basketball also made news.

Why is NCAA probing Tennessee Vols?

News broke on Tuesday that the NCAA is looking into the Tennessee Vols over possible major name, image and likeness violations across multiple sports. Nico Iamaleava, who reportedly received $8 million from UT NIL collective Spyre Sports, was specifically mentioned in the reporting. No notice of allegation has been sent yet. Jimmy Hyams breaks it down.

Donde Plowman responds to NCAA

Amidst the NCAA probe into UT, chancellor Donde Plowman responded to NCAA president Charlie Baker with a letter calling the institution morally wrong. Was this a reckless decision by Plowman, or is it one that will pay off in the end for Rocky Top? What is her calculation? Jimmy Hyams remains on to explain.

Spyre Sports’ role in probe

At the heart of the probe is The Volunteer Collective, which is facilitated by Spyre Sports to help Tennessee Vols athletes receive NIL deals. Spyre Sports Attorney Tom Mars released a statement Tuesday night after news of this broke out. Has the collective been reckless in its handling of NIL? Jimmy Hyams stays on to discuss.

Should probe concern Tennessee Vols fans?

Although it is true that the university is fighting back and the probe appears to be a retroactive punishment over a rule that wasn’t in place when UT broke it, the school is just coming off an investigation from the Jeremy Pruitt scandal. How much of a concern is this for Tennessee Vols fans?

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Is NCAA being reckless?

Questions are abound over whether or not the Tennessee Vols are being reckless with their response to the NCAA, but is the NCAA being reckless by pursuing this given the fact that they are already hanging by a thread after the Supreme Court ruling on NIL? Could this be the one thing that sinks them?

Basketball loses to South Carolina

Amidst all the NIL and NCAA drama surrounding the Tennessee Vols Tuesday, UT basketball lost a home game to the South Carolina Gamecocks 63-59 Tuesday night in which they proved that they can still lay an offensive egg under Rick Barnes. What does this loss mean for the program in March?

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