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No shortage of Tennessee Football opinions as Vols battle NCAA

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You have to give Tennessee credit with their new approach to NCAA investigations. The Vols have the public relations ready to keep firing.

Once a school that liked to walk hand-in-hand with the NCAA, Tennessee has decided to buck about when news was leaked earlier this week that the Vols could be facing yet another NCAA investigation. Since then, the social media cannons have been firing.

In just a week, Tennessee has released statements from Chancellor Donde Plowman and athletic director Danny White on Musk X. Even former Tennessee offensive lineman Jackson Lampley has tried to enter the fray with his contention that prospects ask about NIL funds as part of the recruiting process. Apparently, Lampley thought everyone should know the obvious and Smokey wasn’t available for comment.

If the Lampley declaration was intended to sway any judge or jury, someone is going to be dissapointed. Is Lampley a truly credible source given his father played at UT and he spent five years as a Vol, albeit mostly on the sidelines.

The Lampley declaration, which is a legal term I’ve never heard used, is just one example of how bizarre this whole UT-versus-the-NCAA battle has already gotten – and it hasn’t really started yet.

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Then there’s attorney Tom Mars, who is tweeting faster than a judge can pound a gavel, as he tries to sway public opinion in favor of his client, Spyre Sports.

While I didn’t and still don’t think anything serious will happen to Tennessee and that they’ve been unfairly treated, you can’t help wondering if “he doth protest too much” with the way the Vols’ brass has responded. After all, there are plenty on social media, some of which have distinguished journalistic careers, that believe the NCAA hammer could fall on the Vols. They must be looking at a different case than me.

There really doesn’t seem to be much for the state of Tennessee or Virginia to lose compared to what they have to gain, which would be complete freedom from the NCAA and the rules they’d try to impose on NIL. I guess one could argue the Vols, who are leading this fight, could draw the ire of the NCAA in a future investigation. However, this just in: The NCAA’s days as an institution are dwindling.

The more you look into this very strange kerfuffle, the more you think Tennessee is in a prime position to institute real change. In fact, the more you look into this entire situation and the leverage states have against the NCAA, you have to wonder what took so long.

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