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Tennessee Vols vs. NCAA; Nico Iamaleava consequences; Gerald Mincey

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The aftermath of the NCAA investigation into the Tennessee Vols over a potential NIL violation continues. Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker discuss the NCAA’s response on Off the Hook Sports’ Thursday, Feb. 2 podcast along with UT leadership, consequences for Nico Iamaleava, support from rivals and their case. Gerald Mincey also made news.

NCAA responds to Tennessee Vols

After UT Chancellor Donde Plowman lashed out at the NCAA Tuesday and the states of Tennessee and Virginia filed lawsuits against the organization on Wednesday, the governing body of college athletics finally responded to the Tennessee Vols. Did their response hurt or help their case?

Where are Tennessee Vols on more solid footing?

At this point, the Tennessee Vols are fighting the NCAA on two fronts. One is outright denial that they broke any NIL rules. The other is the state’s lawsuit along with Virginia against the NCAA that the NIL rules violate the anti-trust act. Which of these fights is more in the favor of UT?

Is UT leadership the best it’s ever been?

Athletic director Danny White and the chancellor have a ton of support from UT fans at the moment, with fans cheering Donde Plowman at a Tennessee Basketball game Tuesday night. Is this the best leadership the university has ever had, including during the 1990s with Doug Dickey and Joan Cronan?

Will Nico Iamaleava face any punishment?

Given the fact that Tennessee Football quarterback Nico Iamaleava is at the heart of the NCAA prove into the Vols, is there a chance he will face any punishment? Would UT even accept a punishment? What if the SEC steps in and decides to suspend him for any length of time?

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Alabama fans DEFEND Vols?

Did UT’s response to the NCAA start a trend that major programs will follow? Rather than show anger at them, rival fan bases seem to be supporting their decision. Crimson Tide fans called into the Paul Finebaum show Wednesday to defend the university against the NCAA.

Gerald Mincey takes ANOTHER shot at UT

Kentucky Wildcats offensive lineman Gerald Mincey, who transferred from Tennessee Football, held his first press conference this week and took another shot at the Vols, noting that he has marked down the Nov. 2 matchup between the two schools. Is he chirping too much?

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