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Volunteer Countdown: Which Tennessee player comes in at No. 7

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Tennessee enters the season as one of the most highly-anticipated teams in the country. Who will be the key pieces for the Vols in 2024? The following is a countdown series of the most important Vols on Tennessee’s roster as they head into summer workouts.

There is no question that Tennessee is best known for its high-flying offense. The Vols have an excellent scheme. However, players are always the key to making any team go. That’s why receiver Bru McCoy is the seventh most important Vol before the upcoming season.


McCoy is a unique combination of size and speed. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound player is a bona fide receiver who plays with pride. Besides being a tough receiver to cover and, subsequently, tackle, McCoy is probably Tennessee’s best skill-position blocker. He showed that multiple times before suffering a season-ending injury last September.

What If?

If McCoy isn’t 100-percent recovered from the leg injury he suffered last season, the Vols will have to adjust. The most likely player to benefit would be Dont’e Thornton, who is expected to play more outside receiver this season compared to last season. Be it Squirrel White or whomever is playing slot receiver, that position should benefit if McCoy isn’t ready to go. The same should be said for the Vols’ tight end production.


McCoy has shown the ability to be one of the top receivers in the SEC, if not the nation. How big of an impact he might have this season will come down to one thing: his health. If McCoy is 100-percent recovered from his leg injury, he’ll be one of the most impactful players in the country.

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Worth Noting

McCoy can continue the Southern California pipeline that the Vols have built. Former Tennessee receiver Velus Jones and kicker Chase McGrath also left the Trojans to become Vols with NFL dreams at the forefront of their decision. Jones was selected in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft and has become a solid player for the Chicago Bears. McGrath was a steady kicker for the Vols who will always be remembered for his game-winning kick against Alabama.

As for the rest of the top 10 most important players for the Vols entering summer workouts, here is the countdown:

10 Javontez Spraggins

9 John Campbell Jr.

8 Omari Thomas

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