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Should Tennessee Football NEGLECT recruiting? Are Vols a SLEEPER team?

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Caleb Calhoun and Dave Hooker discuss Josh Heupel recruiting, if Tennessee Football is a sleeper team, Rocky Top paying money to athletes and UT Basketball’s available scholarships. Off the Hook Sports’ Thursday, May 29 podcast also covers former Vols reportedly dismissed by their more recent teams and Shilo Sanders’ bankruptcy.

Is recruiting that important for Tennessee Football?

There were talks of potential concern over Tennessee Football not adding any talent over Memorial Weekend after the Vols hosted numerous visitors for their “865 Live” event. However, in the age of the transfer portal and amidst UT’s 2024 outlook, should Josh Heupel and the Vols really focus that much on recruiting right now?

Josh Pate considers Tennessee Football a SLEEPER team

The host of Late Kick Josh named Tennessee Football his sleeper team in the SEC. However, given the fact that the Vols were 9-4 last year and 11-2 the year before, does it make a lot of sense to view them as a sleeper team at all? Would they really be coming out of nowhere if they made the 12-team College Football Playoff?

Will UT basketball fill remaining scholarships?

With North Florida Ospreys transfer guard Chaz Lanier’s commitment to Tennessee Basketball, Rick Barnes and the Vols have two remaining scholarships to fill. However, they have enough players to fill out their rotation, and Barnes said earlier in the offseason he wouldn’t waste those availabilities, so will UT fill them out at all?

Former Vols were allegedly kicked off team

After transferring away from Tennessee Football, Tyler Baron and Wesley Walker committed to the Louisville Cardinals. Since then, Baron and Walker have since transferred out again, committing to the Miami Hurricanes and Michigan Wolverines respectively. Reportedly, Jeff Brohm dismissed them over their handling of their NIL money.

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How much should Vols pay players?

As the NCAA is now set to allow Power Five schools to pay players up to $20 million directly in addition to their NIL revenue, should Tennessee Football demand they be allowed to shell out more money? If so, how much more should they be allowed to pay or at least demand they be allowed to pay?

Shilo Sanders NIL bankruptcy

Colorado Buffaloes defensive back Shilo Sanders, the son of Deion Sanders, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy amidst $12 million lawsuit. How much should athletes be prepared for this in college now that they are able to make money on their own? Are they bigger targets now for lawsuits?

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