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Tennessee’s football recruiting success in North Carolina growing for Vols

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Tennessee’s success in football has mostly come down to the Vols recruiting in Georgia. North Carolina, specifically Charlotte, isn’t that far behind. So far, the Vols seem to be being very selective in that area.

Before we get to other top targets in the Tar Heel state, let’s start with Tennessee’s most recent commitment from the Carolina area: Charles House from North Mecklenburg (Huntersville, N.C.) High School committed to the Vols on Saturday. Are more on the way?

House, a three-star prospect, may not be a huge pick up in recruiting as a singular player. He is considered the No. 14 prospect in North Carolina, the No. 64 defensive lineman in the nation and the No. 614 prospect overall. Clearly, he is not expected to be a program changer. However, the 6-foot-3, 288-pound defensive lineman can grow a pipeline into North Carolina, one that already should have a significant foothold.

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Don’t forget that future superstar EDGE rusher James Pearce is considered one of the Vols’ elite players and one of the best players in the nation. Pearce is poised to have an All-American season, which can only help the Vols recruit in North Carolina considering he is from Chambers High School in Charlotte. Assuming Pearce has a spectacular season, which is widely expected, that should help the Vols recruit nearby.

Also, don’t forget that the Vols’ entire defensive line from the 1998 National Championship team – and some of their depth – was from the Carolinas. The Vols simply have to have success in the Carolinas to be an elite program. At least that was the common mantra. The current regime may see things a bit different. Based on the Vols’ success – or lack thereof – in North Carolina, it’s reasonable to think that the Vols don’t value that state to the east quite as much as they once did under previous leadership.

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The prize target in North Carolina is David Sanders Jr., from Providence Day High School in Charlotte, N.C., who is considered the best offensive tackle prospect in the nation, the top prospect in North Carolina and the No. 3 overall prospect in the country. 

Here is where the Vols stand with Sanders and other top North Carolina prospects with House’s commitment now going public…. For more on this story as well as insider info, access and interaction with the Off The Hook staff and great prizes, join Hooker’s Corner. Join now before we start spilling into the streets. Weekly prizes  and monthly grand prizes are constantly shipping out. Also, thoughts on topics that YOU would like to see covered, send a message to Dave and the gang.

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