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Tennessee WR Bru McCoy ready for Vols season

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Tennessee receiver Bru McCoy is now just that, a receiver. The Volunteer standout has decided that NIL and charity events will have to wait upon the conclusion of his tournament on Sunday.

It’s certainly not that McCoy, a natural social butterfly, is tired of doing NIL deals that are often quite lucrative. There’s just the most important thing for McCoy to concern himself with: football.

“After after today, I won’t be nearly as active in the community because I’ll be pouring into making sure I can show up on Saturdays, but the ankle’s doing well. And, um, I’m really thankful for how everything worked out in the rehab process.” 

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McCoy maintained that he will be 100-percent, full-go by the time preseason camp opens on Aug. 31. However, Tennessee’s medical staff surely will have something to say about that after McCoy went though such a dramatic leg injury just last season. However, McCoy is ready after being knocked out of the lineup in late September 2023.

“I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go,” McCoy emphatically said with a smile, referring to preseason camp and being 100-percent involved. “I think the best thing for me is to just get back into it, you know, back in the fire. So I plan on being full go fall camp and, you know, whatever restrictions, well, you deal with that as they come, you.”

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As for how much McCoy was able to do this summer along with his teammates in group workouts, McCoy was right there – all the time.

“All summer,” the transfer from Southern California said. “There’s been some days where volume gets a little high. And from the sport science aspect and, and the rehab aspect is like, ‘Look, you’ve done a lot, right?’ 

“We fight that battle every day. But, you know, we’re pushing the needle. I’m pushing the needle. And come fall camp. You know, there shouldn’t be any restrictions.”

That’s what Tennessee fans want to hear.

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