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Tennessee football expectations sky high with Vols title run in baseball

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Looking for an undervalued Tennessee football player? Look no further than Dayne Davis, the offensive lineman who has more uses than a Swiss Army knife.

While most players are slotted in high school or college to play interior offensive line or tackles, Davis can do it all, including center.

“Just being able to play all five is big as an offensive lineman,” Davis said during Bru McCoy’s inaugural golf tournament on Sunday. “Knowing the offense good enough to be able to flip in the middle of the game. Play week to week at different positions. Last last year started out first five games at center. So, being six-(foot)-seven at center is a little challenging, but, I’m always up for the task. 

“I played all five since I’ve been here, so really, incorporating myself into the offensive line and, being able to go anywhere we need.”

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Of course, when it comes to center, everyone wants to know what happened to the Vols with starter, Mays, sidelined with an abdominal injury. Still, he was a huge benefit for Davis.

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“Any questions? You know, I had always, just asked Cooper and it was quick,” Davis said of the adjustments on the fly. We’ve obviously got a great relationship…One of my best friends. You know, anytime he’s got a question, I’ve got a question. We always bounce off each other, so I’m super thankful for him.”

Most seem to believe that Davis will be the Vols’ utility man once again this season, that he may not be asked to start the season despite having another season of experience. One must remember that the Vols’ starting offensive line is pretty solid right now.

“I don’t really pay attention to much of the outside noise. You know, just take care of what I can take care of inside the building. Rely on my buddies beside me, and, uh, man, just whoever’s out on the field, it doesn’t matter. We’re all going to go fight. We’ve pushed for the same thing; that’s a national championship. And we’re not worried about what anybody else has to say about it.”

Championships may soon become commonplace after the Diamond Vols sewed up the first men’s national title since the football team won it all in 1998.

“It was crazy,” Davis said of the title. “You know, you kind of you see the other people do it. And obviously we’ve been wanting to do it for a while. It’s always been a dream of mine as a kid, not only before I came to UT, but since I’ve been here. It is surreal to see them do it.”

So does that raise expectations for the Vols on the football field?

“If our goals have always been a championship as a team and if you’re shooting for anything less, there’s not really much to be shooting for. So, that’s the expectations of this university, of this team, and we’re here to bring it back.

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