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Tennessee P Jackson Ross ready to take next stride for Vols

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Tennessee’s Jackson Ross isn’t all that unusual anymore. Australian punters are taking over the country like a Taylor Swift concert. Clearly, the Vols have a hit on their hands – or feet.

Ross may not have the strongest leg as he averages just over 42 yards per punt. However, thats’s plenty respectable and Ross’ strength is placing the ball where he wants it, which he can do with his right or left foot, a former anomaly that is becoming much more common nowadays.

“I think sort of Australian rugby style has become almost a norm in America, especially college level, and it is starting to feel towards NFL here and there,” Ross said. “So I think being able to kick both left and right feet will put me in good stead for hopefully the next level.”

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Ross isn’t ambidextrous. He can only drop the ball with his right hand in order to kick it with either foot. However, kicking in that fashion has never been a challenge for Ross.

“I’ve sort of done it since I grew up playing Australian football, so, um, as long as I can remember, I’ve tried kicking left foot,” Ross said. “I used to drop with my right hand to my left foot, and then over time, figured out how to drop with the right hand and like that. So it’s just been I haven’t always been amazing at it, but I’ve sort of gotten better over the years for sure.”

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Ross will participate in his second fall camp in just a matter of weeks. That should only aid his development.

“It’s just experience for me. Um, obviously that was my first season of football ever in my life (playing last year), so it took me a little bit of time to get used to. But I feel really comfortable now going into my second fall camp and stuff like that and taking strides and, hopefully, my first year was just a glimpse of what I’ll be able to do in the future.”

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