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Notes, Comments, Updates From Day 3 of SEC Media Days

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Day three of SEC Media Days has arrived in Nashville. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Kentucky will be represented on Tuesday.

Tennessee travels to Tuscaloosa to face Alabama this season. The Vols also head down to Gainesville to face off with the Gators after defeating them the year before in Knoxville.


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Here are some notes and updates from SEC Media Days.

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

  • Saban has now appeared at 16 SEC Media Days.
  • “Let the cake bake until someone separates themselves,” Saban said on his QB battle.
  • “I think the most important thing is relationships, when you’re a coordinator you’re in a leadership position.” Saban replaces both coordinators this season.
  • The main takeaway from Alabama is that A) no quarterback has been named, at least publicly, in the battle and B) the Crimson Tide are focusing on themselves this offseason…

Arkansas Head Coach Sam Pittman

  • Pittman calls for the transfer portal to be open less, even saying that one week is enough time.
  • “Now on Twitter, it’s: I’m getting ready to go in the transfer portal. Because rules say you can’t talk to them, all this, so they are letting the world know they are getting ready to. I think they already know. I think a week is plenty of time.”
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